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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  August 24, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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"good morning washington" continues right now. welcome back, everybody. it is 6:00, tuesday morning, august 24. i'm alison starling. >> and i'm scott thuman. we're going to check in with lisa baden, but first let's go to adam caskey. it is a nice day. >> it should be the coolest day since june 9. temperatures not climbing much from where they are currently. 64 in frederick. 58 in college park. culpeper has 66. some showers in madison county, virginia. that's our forecast. mainly gray skies. it will be a cloudy day. not much in terms of rain showers. a few sprinkles west of town. mainly cloudy.
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high temperatures mid 07's. 70's. it is refreshing outside. let's go to lisa. >> they tell me vdot is having problems switching red xes to green arrows. they are working on it. allow yourself some extra time to get through falmouth. to get to the occoquan, look at the geico camera heading into springfield. back to you. it is 6:01. our top story is a sexual assault in montgomery county. investigators are trying to determine if it is linked to an attack two months ago. in both cases the victims were elderly women and the attacks took place miles apart. >> good morning, alison. this certainly has upset this community. right now montgomery county investigators are trying to
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determine if these attacks on these two elderly women in germantown are related. this this as the most recent victim is recovering. not here where it happened, but with family. an 86-year-old woman sexually assaulted and raped. police tell us it happened here inside her home at this independentent living facility. off camera, the woman's granddaughter tells us physically she is ok but inside there are wounds that will never heal. >> it is amazing someone could be that uncaring. >> detectives say the assaulter came and left through an open window. this happened two months after a 68-year-old living less than a mile away was sexually assaulted in her sleep. >> you are inside the comfort of your own home, and you think you are safe. you never know. >> her concern is that he be
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caught. she certainly never expected this to happen to her. >> her grandmother was able to call life alert. at the time of the attack, her attacker was wearing black jeans. both victims describe the asalien as a thin black male between 18 and 25 years old about 5' 8". if you have information, you are asked to call police. >> thank you very much for that. meanwhile this morning we are learning more about sunday's mass shooting in louisa. police say the gunman had been involved in an ongoing family dispute over property there. charles "zeke" sponaugle shot and killed his son and nephew and wounded four other relatives. police say sponaugle fired at two deputies and unleashed bullets before deputies fatally shot him and his dog. time to take a look at the
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day ahead. more maryland students head back to class. more ann arundel schools ring in the new year. and so far the school year getting off to a smooth start in d.c. and prince george's county. most prince george's high school students had class schedules unlike a year ago when they experienced significant problems. in d.c. leaky roofs and an absence of textbooks were not issues this year. >> all those management issues that people thought was ridiculous that had no place in a modern urban school system have been resolved. today adrian fenty and councilmembers will take part in a walk to school many event.
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tonight adiran fenty and vincent gray will square off for a debate at the sixth & i historic synagogue. scott thuman will be there to moderate. john mccain will prove he is a political survivor, potentially. the former presidential candidate is leading two challengers in his bid for a fifth term. he had been an underdog earlier. besides arizona, florida, alaska, and vermont will head to the polls today. virginia's attorney general has urebed another controversial opinion. he says the state has the authority to regulate abortion providers. the attorney general who opposes abortion says they will have to be performed in full-scale hospital facilities. he -- opponents say only three facilities meet that criteria.
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a federal judged blocked obama's expansion of stem cell research. he agreed with a christian group that said this will decrease the number of embryoas available for adoption. that egg recall points to only two farms in iowa. government inspectors are there and now they have launched their own investigation. pamela brown has the latest details on this. >> new details about the health and safety issues behind egg production at two farms in iowa believed to be behind the outbreak are emerging. in a letter to the usda one lawmaker notes at one farm workers handled manure and dead chickens with their barehands. federal investigators are looking through rows of hen houses at two farms linked to
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the salmonella outbreak in iowa. jack decoster, whose egg empire is under fire for having a troubled history of health and safety issues. >> we have to have more roofs. they have to have more space. the animals need a greater am of watering space. >> federal inspectors said they expect cases of salmonella poisoning to grow. cases have been traced back to school proms and ollets served in a -- omlets served in a hospital. >> if there is salmonella, that organism would -- >> so far 2,000 people have fallen ill, including an 11-year-old california girl who was hospitalized. her family filed a lawsuit. >> salmonella can spread easily
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along the production line. it is tough to track. officials say the recall doesn't expand to our region. live from the satellite center, pamela brown, abc 7 news. >> pamela, thank you. we turn to a developing story from iraq. the number of american troops in that country is now officially below 50,000. officials won't say how many troops are still in iraq. those are that will concentrate on training iraqi forces and helping with counterterrorism operations. still ahead on "good morning washington" the end of the line for tiger and elin. we'll tell you how much this divorce could cost the struggling golfer. and a washed out week for the first family. how they are spending their rainy vacation on martha's vinyard. and we'll be back with a check on traffic and weather
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>> 6:11 on this tuesday morning. boy, does it feel nice outside. temperatures are town. highs only in the mid 70's. a few areas of rain to talk about on the radar screen this morning, but it is not going to be a rainy day, just a gray day. a few areas of light rain in madison county. a few drops here and there, and maybe a little drizzle from time to time. a few isolated sprinkles, but
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that's that. mid 70's for highs today. lower 80's tomorrow and then total sunshine thursday through the weekend. we may creep into the upper 80's by sunday. we're going to drop in on the traffic right now. first of all, go to maryland traffic. they had a couple issues to start this morning. right now you are watching traffic moving smoothly on the beltway. college park close to the ikea. that's an interesting geico camera. hey, crash is gone here! we're moving at a better pace right now heading in toward laurel on the baltimore-washington parkway. 95, 66, 395, no issues to point to in the roadways. scott and alison. >> lisa, thank you. the first family's summer
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vacation on martha's vinyard may be remembered as a wash-out. president obama and his family braved a rain storm to have dinner at a local restaurant. the island has been battered by rain and wind since sunday. >> that's probably good for them. >> playing board games like the rest of us. 6:13. good news about gas prices could mean bad news for the economy. we'll have details. i would want someone to save me the way we went to him. >> they sprung into action to save a life. now these two heroes are telling their story to abc 7 news. it could be a divorce for host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance?
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in our top stories coming up here at 6:15, investigators are searching for the man that sexually assaulted an 86-year-old woman at a germantown senior living center. police say the woman was attacked early saturday morning. detectives are looking at whether the suspect in this case is responsible for a similar attack in the same area two months ago. the former agricultural department employee bushed out of her job during a racial firestorm last month is said to meet with her previous boss today. they will talk about sherrod coming back to the job. and tiger woods and his wife elin have divorced. she could reportedly receive anywhere from $100 million to $700 million. ill? it is 6:15. this morning a grateful mother thanks the police officers who risked their lives to save her son. these two officers pulled the
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driver from a burning car over the weekend. jennifer donalan has the story. >> this car engulfed in flames, and inside it a 23-year-old man. her mother has not -- his mother has not seen the video footage. >> to know he's ok is enough for me. god put them there to save him. >> police officers lenny vaughn and kevin halpin. >> i would want someone to save me the way we went to him. >> both officers grabbed thomas and pulled him out of the firestorm. >> thank god they didn't panic. they put their lives aside for my son. they were beyond the call of
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duty. >> we dry every day to do our best. it is a nice gesture for a citizen to say thank you. >> what a great story. meanwhile, an off-duty d.c. police officer is recovering after being shot during a scuffle. police say a man tried to return stolen goods to a home depot in northeast for a refund, and the officer working there, a security guard, intervened. the gun went off, and the officer suffered minor injuries. the man was arrested. a bill bid to put a controversial ambulance fees on the ballot has failed. they did not get enough signatures, so ambulance drivers are considering a lawsuit. gas prices bottom out. >> we begin your "money scope"
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with good news if you are filling up your car. gasoline prices have reached their lowest in three months. the average price of gas costs $2.71. some of the credit goes to the end of the summer driving season. analysts say high unemployment is holding down prices. they say people are cutting back on spending and driving less. we're expecting to hear about a sharp dip in home sales. the national association of real torse is set to release home sale figures for july. it is expected to show sales dropping to their lowest level since march 2009. a high number of foreenclosures and persistent unemployment are being blamed for the drop. a.i.g. paid $4 billion in bail out funds back to the federal government. this was their largest bail out payment so far. the money came from a debt sale. a.i.g. needs to pay back $90 billion more before regaining
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independence from the federal government. two giants in a bidding war. hewlett-packard and del are trying to by a company. they need storage pace space. analysts say a need for space makes a company like 3-par a hot commodity for the tech industry. "avatar" is coming back to theeders on sunday. it will include nine minutes of new scenes sprinkled throughout the movey. it is already the top grossing movie of all time. it took in $2.7 billion worldwide. coming up on "good morning america" today the search of the cause for the salmonella outbreak. that's your "money scope" report. i'm rob nelson. all right. time for traffic and every every 10 minutes. >> 65 degrees outside. it has been a long time since it was that cool.
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>> it is going to be a good day temperature-wise. >> it is not going to snow out. >> not that good, ill -- alison. >> here's a look over the district. you see the gray skies overhead at this time. it will be a gray day. a few areas of light rain. it is going to be a great day in terms of temperatures. we're talking highs in the mid 70's. not only that, it is the coolest day since june 9th. marking a little bit of a change here. some cooler temperatures periodically. it will warm up in the next couple days. i doubt we'll hit 90. maybe by sunday. that's our best chance. otherwise, mid 70's today and 80's the rest of the week. in upper marlboro we have picked up less than an inch. most of the rain fell last night. fredericksburg and olny only
6:21 am
half a inch much -- inch. madison county, you may get a few drops, but not enough for the radar to pick it up. spotty drizzle and a few sprinkles today. a little sprinkles in the upper level of the atmosphere will give us a gray day, but that's about it. high of 76 and a few sprinkles here and there. not a rainy day, mainly a gray day. a few isolated showers, highs back in the 80's tomorrow. total sunshine thursday into the weekend. highs in the mid 80's this weekend. lisa, how is it traffic? >> i'm smiling right now, adam caskey, and that's a good thing. vdot had a little trouble changing the red x's to green arrows. don't worry, remember, we're smiling, everything is back to normal. no major problems right now. 270 a little volume for you out
6:22 am
of frederick into montgomery county. first we go to the geico camera. thanks to news chopper 7 they are flying over the beltway close to georgia avenue. you can see a truck moved onto the side of the road, but no troubles nonetheless. alison and scott? >> lisa, thank you very much. 6:22 is the time. we have 69 degrees. up next, a mystery illness sidelines an oregon football team and leaves doctors stumped. and later on "oprah" former miss u.s.a. tara conner comes clean.
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to say he was a little anxious and emotional would be fair to say. >> he is commenting on stephen strasburg's state of mind. his first m.r.i. looked good, but they are getting a second. and doctors in oregon trying to solve a medical mystery. >> this involves a dozen members of a high school football team that suffered rare muscle damage during a preseason training drill. they experienced as welling in
6:26 am
their arms. many were taken to the hospital. >> the fact that 12 or 13 kids are getting this all at the same time is strange. i have never seen that. it has never been reported in the literature. >> i am shocked. we were dropping like flies. >> questions are being raised if performance enhancing drugs or a legal substance like creatine is responsible. a doctor they have not tested positive for anything. >> there has to be a common denominator. >> yes. >> you see so many teams practicing without this problem around the country. 6:26. still another half-hour of "good morning washington" to come. and back in session and raising to the top. d.c. schools standing by for a major funding announcement. new details with the massive
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>> you are inside the comfort of your own home, you feel safe. but you never know. straight ahead, a shocking crime against a defenseless victim. it might not be the first time this suspect has struck. >> good morning, washington. we welcome you back on this tuesday morning. i'm alison starling. >> and i'm scott thuman. we'll begin with your traffic and weather. adam has a check on what could be a rainy forecast. >> we have high clouds overhead, but mainly a gray day, not a wet day. most of the rain you would get
6:31 am
from this system fell last night. over an inch in some spots. today the big story is the temperature down in the mid 70's for a high. for so many weeks we had morning temperatures in the mid 70's. that will be our afternoon high. a break from the heat and humidity today, all thanks to a northeasterly breeze. very refreshing, by the way. a few isolated showers down in madison county. otherwise a few spotty sprinkles here and there. temperatures in the 60's right now. dulles, 67 degrees and reagan national 69. tomorrow afternoon you start to see the temperatures warm up to the 80's. how is the traffic now, lisa? >> 66 traffic slows in centreville and then again at the beltway. let's jump to news chopper 7. they have been looking at an accident in the geico camera.
6:32 am
now moving to the side of the roadway. over in virginia be careful for delays. i'm looking at the traffic right here on route 7, i believe, just outside the beltway. looks like it just happened and police arriving on the scene here. elsewhere i'm taking you to a picture at the beltway near university boulevard. headlights on the outer loop. not bad leaving 95 to 270. alison and scott? >> thank you, lisa. now to our top story. a hunt for a sexual assaulting suspect. investigators say someone sexually assaulted an 86-year-old woman and this could be linked to an assault two months ago less than a mile away. >> good morning, scott. these attacks are certainly frightening because both happened inside of these women's homes. the most recent happening here off of father hurley boulevard
6:33 am
at this independentent living facility for senior citizens. this secure senior living facility is now the scene of a horrific sexual assault and rape of an 86-year-old woman according to montgomery county police. >> it is pretty amazing someone would be that violent and that, you know, just uncaring. >> detectives tell us a man came in and left out an open window. the elderly woman was able to call life alert and told police her attacker was a young black male between 18 and 25 with no facial hair wearing black jeans. it is a similar description for a man wanted for sexually assaulting an 86-year-old germantown woman in her sleep two months ago. that assault happened less than a mile away. officers are trying to determine if the two are related. >> our big concern is that he be
6:34 am
caught so that people in the neighborhood know they are safe because she never expected this to happen to her. >> the victim's granddaughter who you just heard from there said her grandmother is staying with family. she said physically her grandmother is ok, but emotionally it is a different story. >> thank you. police are intensifying their search for the killer of a catholic university student. neil was shot and killed on sherman circle in northwest d.c. he was riding his bike home from work when he was assaulted. police believe it may have been a robbery asement. -- attempt. he was 31 years old and a biology student. they are hoping to get extradition from a serial stabbing criminal, abzul.
6:35 am
looking at the day ahead. more students head back to class today. more calvert county public schools and ann arundel schools bring -- ring in a new year. they are set to announce the winners of its second round of its race-to-the-top competition. they are hoping to pay for ambitious school reforms and close the achievement gap. tennessee and delaware were named winners of the first round back in march. the leading candidates for d.c. mayor will meet for debate. adrian fenty and vincent gray will square off at the historic sixth & i synagogue. the virginia attorney general says the state has the authority to regulate abortion
6:36 am
providers. he says procedures must be done in full-scale medical facilities. abortion rights advocates say only three facilities in the entire state of virginia meet this new criteria. a federal judge has temporarily blocked the obama administration's stem cell research plan. a christian group said the new guidelines restrict availability of adoptions. a hunt for the source of the salmonella outbreak. health officials have recalled half a billion tainted eggs. >> pamela brown is standing by. >> 24 brands are affected. the recall spans 17 states. officials say it does not expand to our region. right now the focus is on two egg producers.
6:37 am
that's where federal investigators are searching through rows of hen houses searching for the source of salmonella contamination. they both share the same eggs producer, jack decoster. he's under fire for being a violateor of health -- violator of health and safety issues. they say they expect cases of salmonella poisoning to grow. lawmakers are depending an -- demanding an investigation. they want to know what health agencies knew before the recall. in a letter to the usda one congressman said the workers were picking up dead chickens with their bare hands. >> pamela, thank you for the latest there. 6:37 is the time. still ahead on "good morning, washington" the who, what, when and where of cell phones. a new study breaks down how we
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>> hi, i'm here at the national zoo invertebrate exhibit. we're going to stick around for more news. good morning, washington! 6:40 here on "good morning washington."
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when you step outside this morning, you are going to say, ah. it feels so good outside. dropping temperatures gets you in the mood for fall, to be honest with you. carly, one of my facebook friends checking in. all things considered, it is refreshing. 63 in stafford. hagerstown 64. late day sun shine. tomorrow 82. the humidity will remain in check during that time. the roads are another issue. lisa, how are we looking? they look better on 66. 95 no problems. some issues on 395 that we'll get to in a minute. first we want to go to maryland
6:42 am
and go to news chopper 7. take a quick peek. this is for traffic out of bowie, maryland, on 50 westbound after 197 near the freeway airport. you can see the right lane is -- left lane is closed, and everyone must move to the right shoulder. they have equipment in that lane. normal delays passed edsell road. up across the 14th street bridge and the change of the lane divide, traffic unscathed. back to alison and scott. >> thank you, lisa. a teenager lucky to be alive. a scary ride on an ohio freeway. a police officer helped when a 19-year-old passed in the median. the car hit a culvert, went into the air, smashed into the
6:43 am
overpass. the car broke into three pieces. the driver was alert when they got there. winds say he was driving over 100 miles an hour. >> never seen anything like that. >> no. the fact that he survived. >> yeah. outside we have 66 degrees at 6:43. coming up, a closer look at what's making news on capitol hill. a closer look at how where we lives influences ♪ storyteller: little miss muffet sat on a tuffet, eating her curds and whey. along came a burglar who broke into her home, and ransacked the place making off with several valuable tuffets. fortunately, geico had recently helped her with homeowners insurance. she got full replacement on her tuffets.
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welcome back, everyone. 6:45 is the time.
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investigators are looking for the man that sexually assaulted an 86-year-old woman at a germantown senior living center. detectives are looking at whether the suspect involved in this case was involved in a similar attack in that same area two months ago. a ban on deepwater oil drilling in the gulf of mexico will stay in place for at least a few more months. the government's top drilling regulator plans to extend the ban after april's oil rig explosion. workers have been pushing for the ban to be lifted. former president jimmy carter is enbarking on a humanitarian mission to north korea. he will try to gain the release of a man serving an eight-year prison sentence for entering north korea illegally. 15 years ago just 1-10 americans had a cell phone. now the world has changed. we're getting a detailed look at how the people use those cell
6:47 am
phones. >> pretty much everyone has a cell phones these days. >> just because almost everyone has one doesn't mean we always use them the same. new data from the neilsen company sthose shows your age or zip code can determine how much you text or don't use the phone all that much. >> southern states are significantly more talkative than other states in the u.s. >> gulf coast states rack up 800 minutes of chatting on average. iowa and wyoming use fewer voice minutes. less than 600 a month on average. when it comes to texting, it is not geography but age that's more important. >> not surprisingly, anyone that has teenagers at home, texting is extremely popular with that age group. >> teens average 2,700 texts a month. that's eight texts per waking
6:48 am
hour. if you are over 65, the s.m.s. is not something you are used to. even senior citizens average just 30 minutes per month. >> and cell phones and other digital distractions may cause teens and their parents to lose sleep. some parents tell "the washington post" they find teens texting well into the night or using the phone. it is estimated 80% of teens don't get the recommended amount of sleep every night. >> eight texts an hour? >> yeah, they are busy. carpal tunnel from the phone. >> amazing. it is 6:48. voters in five states will head to the polls for primary elections. >> today's match-up could be labeled a battle of the establishment vs. the outsiders. john, it is always fun when we start to ratchet up for election
6:49 am
season, and this could be considered full swing. >> absolutely. labor day is traditionally the start of the general election campaign. a couple primaries to go. interesting ones taking place today. we are paying attention to at "politico" your home state, scott, florida, where there is a -- that's a case where money did not carry the flout that some thought it would. the races for senate and governor are to debate over people who came outside. >> and what about arizona. everyone has been talking about jock jock. he is the underdog in the situation. what do we expect? >> it would be a big, big
6:50 am
surprise if john mccain survive the political challenge. for a while it did look as if john mccain might be troubled. he was out-spent. he moved to the right in terms of his rhetorical analysis. some long-time mccain observers think he will win the primary but at the cost of his maverick recognition. he is acting much more like a traditional conservative republican than his usual way. >> it looks like -- >> see you. >> have a good day. >> time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. let's see how things are shaping up with adam caskey. >> gray skies, but refreshing. a breeze pumping in drier,
6:51 am
cooler air. a few light sprinkles in parts of madison county and further north. you might get a drop or two on the windshield this morning. that's it. a few isolated sprinkles here and there. most of the rain we're going to get fell last night and we had over an inch in some spots. here's a look at today. gray skies. clouds. a little choppy out there. waves up to 2 to 3 feet, so there is a small craft advisory. elsewhere, 64. rainfall totals 1.36 in upper marlboro. over an inch in fredericksburg. olney picked up half of an inch. let's go to the map. temperatures now in the 60's. that's a comfortable start to the day. gray skies.
6:52 am
northeasterly wind. upper level low pressure system giving us unsettled weather today. even on into tomorrow, but not too rainy. we mentioned a few sprinkses here on out. 76 the high temperature this afternoon. should be the coldest -- coolest afternoon since june 9th. a new little benchmark here today. tomorrow morning clouds and late-day sunshine. in fact, back to the low 80's. looking perfect for the second half of the week and into the weekend. we'll talk more about this coming up. now the latest the traffic. >> not perfect in virginia but not bad either. 66, i-95, 395 typical story. good on the dulles greenway and toll road. we'll go live to news chopper 7 and check out the status of a crash, 50 west after 197. look at that backup. the right lane is still closed.
6:53 am
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6:55 am
if you think traffic is bad here in the d.c. area, be thankful you are not in beijing right now. >> these cars and trucks have
6:56 am
been sitting in a 16-mile back-up. it has been going on for six days. the back-up stems from road construction in the chinese capital. >> it would be like -- if you are sitting on the 14th street bridge, this is horrible. think of beijing. lisa, have you seen a 10-day pile-up. no, thankfully. now to adam caskey. >> we have gray skies and a few sprinkles here and there. tomorrow mostly cloudy with late-day clearing and then a lot of sunshine thursday through the weekend. total sunshine and highs -- i think the hottest we'll get is 88 degrees by sunday. maybe 90. >> you know, people are making tons of money selling sandwiches they have in their cars at that
6:57 am
back-up. >> that will do it for "good morning washington."
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